Mah Rejectid Cheezburgers

Let me show u them

Does dis fitz a “skjorp” or a “darftnz” shelf? November 21, 2007

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Dunno y teh hoomins tinks iz fun 2 putz togetter teh furnishur, but dey do. Y it fun 2 not havez enuf peeces when U putz togetter, but havez 2 many lef ovr when ur dun? Not make sense! But kitteh try 2 help, cus himz good kitteh, and himz likes teh daynish furnishur wit teh cozy spots 2 hide.

Does dis fitz a “skjorp” or a “darftnz” shelf?


Wee gotz it tagetter, din wee?

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Thoes bunnehz, dey only gotz 1 ting on der minz. Dats y dey makes so many of teh baybi bunnehz. Dat and dey doen use teh protecshun. So, letz taht be a lessun to u kids, when ur gonna listens to teh Beri Wite, alwayz uses teh protecshun!

Bunneh know what R&B is good 4


Iz himz named ‘Moe’?

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Tym 2 put moar of dees up on teh intarwebs. In dis 1, teh brave littel kitteh, himz a bartenner. Himz works hard 4 teh monies. An U jus has to sits ther and gets drunkted. But not now, ‘cus iz last call!!

No moar beerz for U!


Jus 1 moar for todai November 17, 2007

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K, just 1 moar of dese pikturs for todai. Dis 1 iz for teh geekzez in da hous, caus I iz a geekzez 2, but it not liek I haz “TEH LOSER” tatoo on mah forhed. Nah. Jus haz teh “L”.


Teh red shirt, he alwayz get into truble firsts


OK, make wid teh kittehz alredy

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Ok, teh hamstir, himz cute n stuff, but himz not kitteh, so here U go, a lolcat wit an aktuel kitteh innit. Himz remindid me of some movee. Doen noe whish 1?

Dah secind piktur


Mah firstist post ‘n firstist piktur

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Dis hirz teh very firstist lol* piktur dat I made for that cheezburger site. Maibee it not so gud, but I waz jus a littel kitteh then…

Mah firstist lol*