Mah Rejectid Cheezburgers

Let me show u them

32 syculs and nuthinz on December 1, 2007

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Dis riterz stryk, iz been preddy hard on teh kittehs 2, ya no. Maibe we cant figgur out whish thingy in teh house is teh TV, but it affekt us 2. So, bring back teh riterz, or a leas get sum new towels 2 warsh, k?

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Nao evaylabull at Hoam Deepoe

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Liek savin teh vairoment iz gud an stuff, so we nedz moar effishent kittehs, no? Dis 1 putz out as mush lite as oardinnary kitteh! Not maeks teh Algore angry!

Nao evaylabull at Hoam Deepoe


Iz alwais teh 1 u leest eckpect

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Iz so hard 2 find gud halp dees dais. Dis liddel kitteh, all himz wanna do, himz juss wanna takez ovr whorl, see? But hiz minionz, dey all struk dum by teh cute-age. Himz need bedder minionz.

yep hez evil allrite