Mah Rejectid Cheezburgers

Let me show u them

Who needz laisick? July 28, 2008

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Looks like it not just teh kittehs who beliefs in Ceiling Cat. The rats do 2. I mean gophurs. Or iz it a gerbil. Or, uhm, WTF iz dis rodent?

Teh wikipeedyuh sez iz a Marmot. I not sew shur.


Redheds r sew motional somtiems…

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Did u pist kitteh off? Maybe eated teh last cookie? Or lefted cap off toofpaist? Or jus looks at him wrong? Whatever it waz, better polijize qwick!!!


What, huh, Y it summer? July 27, 2008

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So, I goes 2 take littel kitteh nap, and den wen I wakez up, it like 6 months later.  U not wanna smell mah mornin bref!!!  But I still haz pikture from last winner 2 shoez U.  So, plz 2 enjoy, “the straw that broke lassee’s back” :).

Lassee not gonna saiv Timmeh no moar